About Rider Training Bangor

Since 1984, Rider Training Bangor, based in Bangor, Gwynedd,  made a  decision to  provide  motorcycle training to riders in the local area . We ensures that a high standard of teaching is delivered at all times.



Why We Were Founded

“As I was Previously a Paramedic dealing with the carnage regarding road traffic incidents and the needless loss of life, I decided to establish the first ATB (Approved Training Body) in Wales. I attended the first training courses established by the DSA (Driving standards agency) in 1997 and following this training established the first ATB (Approved Training Body) and issued the first CBT in the UK.”

New Technology

We’re currently involved in the process of developing motorcycle cameras that are fitted to our training machines. This process enables us to review rider faults in short videos, thus providing trainees with a video of rider errors. This is the latest tool in advanced motorcycle training.

High Standards

As emergency-trained riders, we continuously develop our standards and try to encourage the same ideals to all our trainees. We often find ourselves retraining riders that have failed their test with other instructors and have reached a point of desperation. We specialise in helping this type of rider and develop individual training programs for them.

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